I did the heater repair quickly

My entire family suffers with seasonal allergies.  The doctors call it “seasonal,” but I definitely wouldn’t.  We all suffer with allergies all year long. I’ve dealt with this since I was a little kid, so I am very used to it.  However, my children struggle to cope with their allergies. I try everything to keep them comfortable. I invested in a very strong filtration system for the house to help keep the dust and debris out of the air.  I take them to the best allergists and ENT doctors in the area. I also hired a professional to clean out the vents in the house monthly. It wasn’t until I started having the vents cleaned that the kids started to sleep better.  They also stopped waking up with itchy red eyes and runny noses. My colleague suggested this to me. She said that she started having her vents cleaned every so often because her husband also suffers from bad allergies. This has cleared up his allergies entirely.  I was willing to try anything at that point. Even though we have a state of the art filtration system, it is very easy for pollen and dust to get trapped in some parts of the vents. The professional that I hired does such a thorough job that the vents are spotless afterwards.  I look forward to his monthly visits because I know it gives the entire family some relief. It is a costly solution, but I know it is worth it. My kids don’t complain as often and they can focus on being kids more than focusing on their allergies.

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