I’d love that cool air

I recently bought a new house that was old. I know that sounds a bit odd. But the house was new to me, but was lived in and built way back when. There were a ton of repairs to be done when I got the house. We are talking everything from some windows to be replaced, some screens repaired, some doors fixed. But the one major thing thing that needed a complete replacement instead of repair was the home’s heating and cooling system. The HVAC system in the home was well over three decades old. Very outdated, very worn out, and it sounded like a broken motor when it ran. Not to mention, it did not even heat or cool the home properly at all. The way it would go is the compressor would kick on, then it would make a loud rattling sound, and then nothing would be coming out of the HVAC ductwork at all! So, naturally, we right away called the local heating and cooling professional out to take a look. When he arrived, he informed us right away that the whole heating and cooling system needed to be replaced. We spent a lot of money to do it, but it worked out great in the end. We even upgraded it to a heating and cooling system with an air purification system as well as a whole-home humidifier inside of it all. It was probably the best investment we made into this new/old house! We breath better at night and it’s very comfy in the day and nights too. Praise the miracle of modern HVAC technology! That’s what I think.

Billy Rogers