Sitting down and listening

The other day, my pal and I decided to go out for lunch on our work break to a place we know here in town. The food was always good there, and the service was also very good. So, when we got there, we sat down to eat, and when we did, we noticed that it felt a bit stuffy in there. Being in this place usually is not stuffy. But today, it was different. When we asked the waiter what may have been going on, he mentioned that they had been having some trouble with their heating and cooling system. It was obvious that their HVAC unit was on the fritz. Not very good! Because what it was doing was making the place very not relaxing. It is the end of summer right now, and the weather is still very hot. In any establishment this time of year, you need to have top quality air conditioning in order to even be able to function. None the less even enjoy yourself or relax and enjoy a meal in a place! We were told that the local heating and cooling company was called and an appointment was set for them to come out. However, they were so busy with other heating and cooling issues, that they could not come out until the next week. In the meantime, they had floor fans blowing all over the place, but it was not doing a whole lot of good. After finding this out, we decided to pass on the lunch at this place. So, we got up and left and went to find a place that had top quality working air conditioning. We figure we can go back here next week once the HVAC specialist has been out to fix the air conditioning system!

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