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As the old saying goes…and goes life. This is the way I looked at things when I had to shove out a ton of money on completely replacing my home’s heating and cooling system, as well as getting a whole new bunch of ductwork laid! It all started when my heating and cooling unit was making strange noises and blowing out a musky smell from the air vents in my house. I knew something was not quite right. So, after a little bit, my entire HVAC system completely stopped working all together! I probably should not have waited as long as I did, but, so goes life. I called my local, friendly and extremely helpful heating and cooling company to schedule a complete replacement. They scheduled a really good heating and cooling specialist and they were out at my place working hard the very next morning! The whole installation of the actual HVAC unit took about 3 hours. Following that, the HVAC specialist had his work crew out there and they were working much of the rest of the day installing the brand new and very up to date ductwork in the house. All in all, it was very expensive. But, so goes life. That’s just the way it is sometimes. But, at least now I have a brand new, top of the line, well functioning and extremely up to date heating and cooling system in my nice comfy house. It all worked out for the best. Indeed it certainly has for me!

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