Sizing a new HVAC unit

When I have the time to go shopping for things, it is always in the dead heat of the summer time months. This can be a real drag sometimes, because where I live here in the southwest, it can become really hot. I am not talking about what some may consider summer heat, but I am talking about a whole new level of heat! Sheer hell is the only way to describe it! That is of course, unless you are protected by a top of the line and extremely high quality heating and cooling system! The air conditioning system is a big part of getting through the hot summer and fall months here. And when I go shopping, if the store I am in does not have a top quality air conditioning system, or, their HVAC unit is completely old, worn out and possibly not working, I will leave that store and find another one that has whatever I am trying to shop and buy! I know, I know, a lot of people today do not ever go out to shop anymore and just shop online on the internet. But for me, I am old school all the way and I like to go out to shop. Even if it means battling the heat. However, if there is a top quality and extremely up to date heating and cooling system with great air conditioning, it makes the experience much better and easier to do. So, when shopping, if air conditioning is not working right, I will not shop. I would rather wait until the air conditioning is working fully if I am going to shop. And that folks is the way it is in my world, and this is how I feel about heating and cooling and air conditioning in the southwest!

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