I could use some advice

Ever since I graduated from high school, I was looking for a job really hard. I could not find anything that would hire me because I had no experience, and I had no intention of going off to college. It would be just too much work, time and money for me. So, I by sheer luck fell into working for a local HVAC service company as an assistant to one of their local heating and cooling specialists! It was pure on the job training all together. I was learning the ins and outs of ductwork laying, installing heating and cooling systems, learning about the latest in HVAC technology, as well as learning about things like smart thermostats and radiant heated floors. The entire world of HVAC technology turned out to be something that really interested me. So much so, that I ended up enrolling in a college after all doing night courses to become a certified heating and cooling specialist myself! When I told the local HVAC company what I had done, they were so impressed and happy to hear, that they offered to pay half of my fees for the heating and cooling school. Naturally, I took them up on that offer to save me one big debt that I would have on my plate for a few years to come. Eventually, I graduated, as well as got my official certification. Today, I am a certified heating and cooling specialist, and yep, you guessed it, I still work for the same company, but naturally at a much higher pay scale! I am so glad I originally worked there right out of high school. Or else, today, I would have no career and not be a certified HVAC specialist!

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