I am happy with the results

I really would like to have many animals just like I did growing up, but my husband prefers to only have a couple animals at once. So far, we just have a puppy. Her name is Cheerio, and we love her very much. She is a very good puppy; however, we have found that she has an unusual habit for chewing cords. I know puppies are going to chew things, but I never expected her to only chew cords. We found out her love for cords just the other day when I tried to turn the air conditioner on, but it wouldn’t turn on. I looked to make sure it was plugged into the wall, and it was. I tried messing with all the buttons, but I simply couldn’t get the air conditioner to turn on. When my husband got home, he asked why it was so warm in the house and why the air conditioner wasn’t on. I explained to him the problem, and he went to investigate. At first, he couldn’t figure out the issue either. The air conditioner was clearly plugged in, and it was relatively new, so we didn’t think anything internally would be wrong with it. I took the curtains off the window so that my husband could take the air conditioner out without it catching on my curtains. It was then that we figured out the problem. There was a few inches of the cord that were hiding under the bottom of the curtain, and that part of the cord was chewed in half. We never would have thought that our puppy would chew chords, but unfortunately, the air conditioner’s cord was only the first of many that she would chew.

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