A newer classroom

After three years of teaching at the same school, teaching the same classes, I thought that I was in a good routine. I knew exactly what I needed to do to prepare for the school year, how to prepare for all of my classes, and how to teach all of my classes. All of this was upended a few days ago when I found out that not only had my classroom changed, but my class schedule had also changed, and I was now teaching a math class! I was quite horrified. I have never taught a math class before, and am certain that I will not be very good at it. To make things worse, school starts in less than a week! The other thing I am annoyed with is the HVAC situation in my new classroom. Even though my new classroom is just down the hall from my old classroom, the air conditioning and heating do not work nearly as well. The air conditioning, particularly, makes a nasty rattling noise whenever I turn it on, which is going to be very distracting when I try to teach! My new classroom also has an analog thermostat, not a digital thermostat. This makes it very difficult to figure out exactly what temperature I have set my air conditioning or heating on. With my old classroom, I had specific temperature settings that I used every day, without fail. I wish that I had the same type of thermostat in this classroom! I am sure that I will eventually adjust to my new classroom and teaching schedule, but for now, I am quite nonplussed.

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