We are loving this

It’s a funny thing, family. This semi-random group of people that you’re thrown together with at birth, and doomed to associate with for the rest of your life. It doesn’t matter if you get along or have the same opinions on anything – these people are just meant to be cherished and loved no matter what. This is something I especially struggle with when it comes to my brother and sister. They are both just so… ugh. They are super materialistic and perfectionistic. They love to brag about themselves and their fancy belongings, and I don’t like either of those topics very much. Neither one of them has much of an original opinion about anything… unless I have the opposite point of view. Then they will fight to the death over an issue.

            That’s why I recently decided I would start talking endlessly about indoor air quality control equipment. I told my snooty siblings that I had fully renovated my central heating and cooling system with all new, energy efficient, smart tech air quality control machinery. They took the bait right away, telling me that HVAC usage was contributing wildly to climate change. They swore up and down that no one with a conscious would ever willingly use a thermostat, furnace, or air conditioner if they cared about the planet at all. I told them to put their money where their mouth was.

            And that, my friends, is how I beat family. I lived in the lap of luxury all summer long while those bozos sat in the sweltering record high heat waves without a single AC unit. The best part is, I didn’t even update my HVAC system.

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