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I truly would prefer to have several pets just prefer I did growing up, however our husband prefers to only have a couple pets at once, then so far, all of us just have a puppy, her name is Cheerio, & all of us like her truly much. She is a truly good puppy; but, all of us have found that she has an improper habit for chewing cords. I suppose puppies are going to chew things, but I never expected her to only chew cords, and the two of us found out her like for cords just the other day when I tried to turn the A/C system on, however it wouldn’t turn on. I looked to make sure it was jammed into the wall, & it was. I tried messing with all the buttons, but I simply couldn’t get the A/C system to turn on, then when our husband got home, he asked why it was so sizzling in the house & why the A/C system wasn’t on. I explained to him the problem, & he went to investigate. At first, he couldn’t figure out the issue either. The A/C system was clearly jammed in, & it was relatively new, so all of us didn’t know anything internally would be wrong with it. I took the curtains off the window so that our husband could take the A/C system out separate from it catching on our curtains. It was then that all of us figured out the problem. There was a few inches of the cord that were hiding under the bottom of the curtain, & that space of the cord was chewed in half. The two of us never would have thought that our puppy would chew chords, however unfortunately, the A/C system’s cord was only the first of several that she would chew.

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