Sleeping well at night

In the last couple of months, one of my roommates has noticed some issues without water. Ever since the downstairs bathroom was remodeled following a major flooding incident, she’s noticed issues with the water in her bathroom on the upper level of the house. I told her to write down some things and I would look into it. As our landlord lives many states away and is pretty foolish, I prefer not to bother him until I have a list of evidence and possible theories, so he can know who to hire and what needs fixing. She thought the water issue was caused by a problem with the new plumbing, that something had diverted the flow differently so now there was less pressure. However, she also noticed that the water was no longer hot, but rather just tepid. Then I remembered something I had read on an HVAC website about how this was one of the first signs of a water heater starting to fail. So I pulled up the HVAC supplier website again on my phone and found another article about ways to tell if the water heater was failing. One of which is if you can feel heat coming off the water heater; this usually means its no longer insulated so the water within loses temperature, thus delivering luke warm water. I went down to check it and sure enough, there was a ton of heating coming off the water heater tank. So I took these concerns to our landlord and now he’s sending out an HVAC contractor first thing to take a look at the system. Since the water heater is apparently ancient, its likely the HVAC contractor will recommend a completely new water heater system entirely.

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