I think it’s my turn

This semester I was so gleeful to go back to college that I was a single of the first a singles in line for class sign-ups; As a freshman, all of us have to register for certain classes in person as opposed to online, so getting there early usually ensures you get the classes you want with the professor you want, then the college office lets you in an second early to wait, and there is a number system that they call you by, but last semester I missed the calculus class I needed, so I made sure I was there super early! Sitting in the office, I watched as a team of a/c specialists repaired some of the older ducting in the office, and during the summer season chop a terrible storm had caused a leak and the ducting was coming apart. The Heating and Air Conditioning system was still functioning, however, so at least there was nice cool air blowing through the waiting area. The heat of the summer season had not yet waned, so the outside temperature was still in the nineties, but i couldn’t imagine how miserable all of us would be if all of us had to rest in that office separate from any a/c, but one of the Heating and Air Conditioning specialists was holding up a up-to-date section of ducting so the other specialist could tape the up-to-date section in. It wasn’t too long before they had the seasoned section removed and the up-to-date section installed. They even replaced the vents in that section when they put the drop ceiling back in. The college registrar office was now ready for the college year to begin, and the Heating and Air Conditioning system was as  superb as new.

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