We should go somewhere else

It took me a long time to figure out why my energy bills were so high. I at first thought it was the problem with my HVAC. The HVAC system must have not been working like it should. I cleaned the air filter, oiled the furnace blower and remove mold from the cooling coil. I even checked to see if there was some small HVAC repair that I overlooked. The HVAC equipment was in fabulous condition. But, the HVAC was costing me a fortune all of the sudden. What was the problem? I finally figured it out about one week ago. The problem was not the heating and cooling, it was the ductwork the air went through. My ductwork has a bunch of holes in it. Have air ducts with holes in it is the worst thing in the world. The rips literally open the ductwork to the outside air. So cold outdoor air can leak into the home. Also quality heating will go outside and not into your home. Then the furnace keeps pumping out heated air because it has not reached the temperature on the thermostat. The same happens with the air conditioner. Hot air inside, cold air outside and the AC never turns off. If not detected, I could have ruined my HVAC unit. Now I just have to get a HVAC contractor to do ductwork sealing. Once the HVAC ducts are sufficiently patched, my bills should go down. However, I have read that most HVAC contractors end up ruining ductwork when they try to seal it since they are so rough.

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