Working in the warehouse

When I graduated from high school, my grades weren’t the best. My GPA was 2.4, which was barely passing, and it wasn’t because I struggled to handle the work. On the contrary, the work was extremely easy to me. Still, some of us only seem to work efficiently if we dig ourselves out of holes we make. Anyway, I didn’t bother applying to any universities, as I knew I was going to a state college. I decided to take my first year off from school so I could get some work experience. My first full time job was working in a warehouse, which was pretty brutal – only due to the weather. Warehouses tend to be poorly air conditioned, especially the larger ones. That summer, I lost almost forty pounds just from working all day in a warehouse, which was already an awesome perk of the job. While it was great to get in wonderful shape from this job, it was really starting to be a drag. I hated coming to work every day, knowing I was going to spend eight hours doing intense labor, but what really made me hate the work was the winter. Oh man, you wouldn’t believe how cold it gets in a warehouse during the winter. Imagine working so hard that you’re sweating through two layers of clothes on a daily basis. It’s awful, isn’t it? Well, I finally had my fill of the work when I came down with a case of pneumonia. The intensity of the work, combined with sweating heavily in temperatures below freezing, all proved to be too much for my immune system. Once I recovered, I knew I needed to find a job that was indoors with air conditioning.

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