I find that to be correct

Saving money just makes myself and others think really nice all over.  Whether I’m at some super sale for new shoes or at the flea market, I love saving money.  At 1 time in our life, I had quite a bit of money. The internet was brand new and I had come up with a new way to monetize it.  The money came rolling in. Subsequently, I lived in excellent digs, drove a great car and just threw around money. It seemed love it would never end.  Then, the bubble burst with a bad bang. The gravy train was quickly over. And, I learned the art of saving our money. At first, it sucked. But, I quickly grew to care about working less and saving more.  One of our entirely favorite savings targets is the utility bill. Where I live the Winter is mild so, saving on energy while in the Summer is the objective. I started the savings process by installing a smart Heating and Air Conditioning thermostat.  This thing is able to completely manage the air conditioner far better than I ever have. It raised the temp while I’m away from the house. It also syncs up with the automatic blinds I had installed. Depending on temperature and time of day, the smart thermostat lowers the shades to block direct sunlight.  I add to this by utilizing fans more. Instead of lowering the temperature, I crank up a fan. Using a fan doesn’t cool the air but it does cool the skin. I have also taken to cooking meals on the grill. Why heat up the lake house with the oven or the stove. Just doing these things has saved myself and others over 15 percent while in the peak cooling months.  I just love seeing that bill get lower and lower!

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