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One of our fondest memories as a kid is going up on the roof with our Mom, i’ve never been afraid of heights–in fact I like them–but our parents always distraught I would get hurt if I tried to climb too high on our own, and so, while I had little trees I could play in while Mom and Mom were outside, the highest I could get was when Mom did his twice yearly fire safety. See, I grew up in the southwest, in an area where the most official tree is pine, and all of us also lived in a time where fireworks were legal in the state I lived in… The last thing you ever wanted to have happen was a bottle rocket to get on your roof, when you had a bunch of pine needles piling up. This was a fast track to a home fire. So, twice a year our Mom would get on the roof and sweep it off. I was allowed to come up, as long as I kept a few feet away from the edge. I would help by throw off branches and sweeping the few flat planes, however while our Mom was up there, he would also sweep the chimney of our fireplace. In just caring for the fireplace twice a year, our Mom made sure that the two of us could use this furnace to supplement our Heating and Air Conditioning plan in the winter, without worrying about a chimney fire. These strange little childhood moments taught me something very crucial about heating and A/C service plus lake home care: be prepared for the worst, and you can often avoid a tragedy entirely.

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