Improving the internal parts of the air conditioner

Our roof was replaced about a month ago and we thought that everything was fine. Seeing as it was the beginning of Fall we had decided to repair the roof in advance of the winter season. Due to Code regulations we had to completely remove the old roof before putting on the new shingles. It turned out that that was a good thing because sections of the original wood sheathing had begun to rot anyway and needed to be repaired or replaced. The job was rather messy and took a couple of days but my wife and I were thrilled when it was completed and never gave it a second thought. The problem came when we went into the attic space to make sure there were no issues from the sheathing being removed and clean up any debris that may have fallen in the during that time. To my horror, I found that the nail gun from the roofing had shot several holes into the ductwork. This was going to need to be repaired prior to starting up the HVAC system in the winter. I immediately called the roofing contractor to tell them of the issue. Thankfully they are fully insured and arranged to have the repair done in a timely manner. I was really glad that we had checked the credentials of the company before hiring them to work for us. It is always best, when hiring anyone, including an HVAC company, to make sure that they have good reviews from customers and that they have all of the certifications and insurance to cover any issues that may arise.

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