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Our roof was upgraded about a week ago in addition to we thought that everything was fine, but seeing as it was the start of Fall we had decided to maintenance the roof in advance of the Wintertime season, but due to Code regulations we had to completely remove the old roof before putting on the new shingles, then it turned out that that was a great thing because sections of the original wood sheathing had begun to rot anyway in addition to needed to be repaired or upgraded! The task was rather messy in addition to took a couple of days however our partner in addition to I were blissful when it was completed in addition to never gave it a minute thought. The problem came when we made the decision to go into the attic section to make sure there were no problems from the sheathing being removed in addition to disinfect up any debris that may have fallen in the while in that time. To our horror, I found that the nail gun from the roofing had shot many holes into the HVAC duct. This was going to need to be repaired prior to starting up the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C method in the Wintertime. I right away called the roofing supplier to tell them of the issue. Thankfully they are fully insured in addition to arranged to have the maintenance done in a timely manner. I was easily blissful that we had checked the credentials of the company before hiring them to job for us. It is constantly best, when hiring anyone, including an Heating, Ventilation plus A/C company, to make sure that they have great reviews from clients in addition to that they have all of the certifications in addition to insurance to cover any problems that may arise.

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