I don’t complain much

My child plus her husband planned the perfect honeymoon.  They appreciate the outdoors plus wanted to see the coastline of Maine.  They would be travelling in late November so they planned on spending a few afternoons on the beach plus taking a day trip riding bikes up in the hills.  All of this sounded like a superb time as she explained it to me. The day they left to drive to the coast was nearly ninety degrees plus they were cheerful that the vehicle they rented had a finally working Heating plus Air Conditioning unit, but they called to say that they arrived safely plus I told them I couldn’t wait to hear about the trip when they got home.  They were gone a full month plus the day after they arrived beach loft both of us had them over for breakfast to hear all about it. They had a charming time with the exception of the bike tour they had booked. The day of the trip was freezing plus rainy plus they were not prepared for that clothing wise. They never imagined needing sweatshirts plus jeans during the month of November. They had to head to the store to purchase these items before the trip that day.  What made matters worse was the fact that the restaurant where they stopped to have dinner didn’t have a finally working Heating plus Air Conditioning system. They were forced to sit, shivering from the dampness plus cold, plus have their dinner. The restaurant is normally closed during the colder seasons so they don’t legitimately have any sort of heating plan installed. They do have a few window a/cs for legitimately sizzling afternoons however that was not needed for sure. Our child said that the countryside was charming however they were legitimately cheerful to get back to the hotel.  They spent a superb deal of time that evening in the sizzling tub to shake the chill that they had from the afternoons adventures.

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