I am getting more familiar

My mom was a chainsmoker her whole life. There wasn’t a time where I saw her without a cigarette in her hand, which is a little sad to think about. Aside from the toll cigarettes took on her body, my mom’s addiction to smoking also led to my dad getting a lot of secondhand smoke, and developing lung disease. Then there was the house, where my mom and dad raised my three older siblings and myself over twenty-five years. Now, imagine how a house would smell if someone had smoked three packs of cigarettes a day, seven days a week, for two and a half decades. That’s right! No matter how powerful the air freshener claims to be, there’s no “odor eliminator” spray that can improve indoor air quality enough to compensate for that much smoke. The smoke odor was literally ingrained into the wood floors at this point! When I asked around to see if there was anything that could be done to address the odor, it was recommended that I look into an air purifier system to work alongside my heating and air conditioning equipment. It seemed simple enough; the air purifier would cleanse re-circulated air to remove impurities, not just odors! This was great news to me, as I’ve always had a sensitive sense of smell and pollen allergies that can drive me insane. Still, as far as odor removal goes, the air purifier seemed to be the best option. After setting an appointment with a local heating and air conditioning service company, a technician was sent to my home to assist with installing the air purifier. Once we got it up and running, the air purifier hummed quietly beside the central air conditioning unit, Within two weeks, I noticed a big difference in the air quality of my parents’ house! Better yet, the cigarette odor was substantially weaker.