I forgot about the HVAC maintenance

I must say, the best gift I have ever received is my new HVAC system! My wife actually surprised me when I was out of town last month for a business trip. I had mentioned to her a few times that I wanted to have radiant heated floors installed in the house, but she would usually just say that we couldn’t possibly afford it. I would try to say that the energy savings would eventually recover the investment we would have to make, but she would still just shut me down every single time. I guess you could say she basically runs the show when it comes to the finances. So she had the local HVAC company install radiant heated flooring in the house when I was away! When I came back home and discovered that we had a brand new heating system, I was overjoyed! She even had a smart thermostat installed! I was so happy because it was so perfectly comfortable in the house and I could easily adjust the thermostat from the convenience of my cell phone! It was cool receiving notifications and energy saving tips. I would get notifications every single time we needed to have maintenance! There have been times in the past when I would forget to call for HVAC system maintenance, so this was incredibly convenient. Ever since we have had this new heating system in our house, we have saved an overwhelming amount of money on our energy bills! I have been thanking my wife all of the time in my way. I always get her nice things and flowers. She said just the other day that she should have got the new HVAC system a long time ago!

HVAC service plan