An education

Yesterday I had to go to a ballgame at a middle school for my friend’s son… It was absolutely cold outside when both of us got there, & I was lucky that I remembered that I had a fuzzy blanket back in the trunk of my car. I grabbed it & headed out to the venue but the wind chill took my breath away & it was cooling off more & more as the night went on, but they didn’t have any of those portable gas heating systems that you occasionally see at outdoor events, & everyone was huddled under their blankets. I started wishing that there was an outdoor fireplace or fire pit somewhere because I was so cold out there! The temperatures were not supposed to be that cold Last week, but evidently the weatherman got that forecast totally wrong. The temperature had to be close to cold, & all I could guess about was getting back in my motorcar & cranking up the heating! I have a absolutely good heating & a/c plan in my car, & as I sat there on the bleachers shivering, all I absolutely wanted to do was sneak over to my motorcar & turn the control component dial all the way up to “maximum heating.” I couldn’t believe that I really had to sit there & suffer through an entire game that of course went into overtime! It was ridiculous. I don’t even care about football… However, I do care about respected heating! As soon as the game was finally over, I ran to my motorcar & started up the oil furnace. Then I blew the heating vents right onto my face all the way home!

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