My air conditioner keeps aging

I got married when I was only nineteen years old. There was no enormous wedding.  We did not invite any guests. I always regretted missing out. I hoped that if my husband & I  renewed our vows someday, I would have a Wintertime wonderland theme for the wedding. I was married to my first husband for nearly years, before I got divorced. I decided that if I ever got married again, I would have my Wintertime wonderland wedding. I would not need to rely on air conditioners since I would get married during the Wintertime. I could carry a fur muff for my hands, & we could set up old fashioned looking gas heaters. My colors would be silver, white and a deep red.  Unfortunately, the years have gone by and I have not gotten married again. My daughter is now talking about her own wedding. She plans to get married in July with a much more flowery theme. She will most definitely need air conditioning at her ceremony and reception. She wants to have an ice sculpture and a chocolate fountain. She also all of the guests to be comfortable throughout the day, no matter what the weather brings. We have found a venue with a modern HVAC system. The reception will include over a hundred people, and the outside temperature will most likely be in the eighties. The air conditioner will need to blast at max capacity to keep everyone cool and comfy while they eat and dance. The thermostat will need to be set low.  Fortunately the venue has a large, commercial air conditioner as well as ceiling fans. Hopefully the heat and humidity will not end up being a problem.

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