I would love a heater

My friend Penny just got remarried.  I am so ecstatic for her because she found such a great man to spend the last half of her life with. But, there there have been major changes going on. Penny’s partner owns 2 houses. One house is her old home with her ex and the other is a rental property she uses for extra cash. Her new man also owns two houses. He has a beach condo and of course his normal house. This couple though wanted a home with just them in it. So they purchased another house. My friend Penny and her man have 5 properties between then all. The up-to-date condo is absolutely huge plus pretty! Even though it was already big, the former owners also put on a large room in the back of the house. They also made the choice not to add in any ductwork and connect it to the existing HVAC equipment. Instead, they installed a mini break cooling system unit. It is set up on the wall above the doorway plus barely noticeable. The mini split cooling system keeps that room ultra comfy. The mini break cooling system is so not loud that you cannot even tell whether the cooling system is on or off. I absolutely love our friend’s mini split cooling system, plus I hope to get this type of HVAC in our house, too, when I retire into the little condo that I will someday use as a rental property.  How great is that?

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