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The previous owners of our house never got around to getting central heating and air installed. There was a window a/c in the living room and, I assume, they used a space heater from time to time too. When we bought the house we knew it would need a bit of work and that we would need to get an HVAC system installed. It was high on our list of improvements. I called a few companies for quotes and each one discussed the old fashioned HVAC system with ductwork and large vents. I didn’t know there was any other kind. Then I called this one HVAC supplier and they started talking about something I’ve never heard before. it’s called a ductless mini split. It works in much the same way as the older HVAC systems but it uses hoses instead of ductwork to channel the heated or cooled air into my home. It is much quicker and more cost effective to install and it is a lot easier to simply close off one hose if you don’t want heating or cooling in a specific room. I must have talked to close to a dozen other HVAC companies and none of them brought up this option before this one. I couldn’t believe it. I always thought it was either window units or huge ventilation system. I decided to do a bit of research into these mini split systems but I really think it will be the system for us and I will definitely be using the supplier who suggested it.

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