I want some help from my landlord

Despite it still being winter, it was a nice spring day. The weather was finally heating up and I was looking forward to an early spring. Despite the nice weather, there was a movie that the kids just had to go see. It thought it was way too nice to be cooped up indoors but I also knew they had been looking forward to this movie for some time so I took them too see it. Well, apparently the movie theater did not get the memo about the early spring because they had their furnace on full blast. I could feel the heat the minute we walked into the lobby. It was hot and stuffy. Once we selected our seats it felt even warmer. I could both hear and feel the hot air blasting away. While the commercials played, I back out to the lobby to see what could be done about the heater. The workers there explained that only the owner of the establishment had a key to the thermostat and that there was nothing they could do. They opened up an emergency exit door in the theater and that offered some fresh air but it also let in light and noise. The kids didn’t seem to notice the heat or any of the other distractions. They were too busy enjoying their movie. I’m grateful for that at least. Next time I don’t think we will be coming back to this theater though. Better yet, I think we will all just stay out and enjoy the nice weather rather than roast inside of a building with the heater on.

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