I am saving on my next bill

When my sister and I went for a hike in the mountains, we didn’t know it was going to rain. We didn’t pack any rain gear at all. So, when we were about 5 miles up the trail and it started to rain, there was nothing to do but start walking back towards her truck. The rain started falling much harder as we made our decent. This wasn’t one of those nice warm summer rains either. This was a spring rain and we were soaked to the bone and freezing cold by the time we reached her vehicle. I was so cold that I had trouble making my hands work to open the door. Once inside, there was nothing to do but get into her truck, soaking wet and head for home while waiting for the heater to warm up. It seemed like the heater would never warm up or warm us up. I think it finally did start working a few miles from home. Once we got home we both took warm showers, turned up the furnace to about 90 degrees, and then laid in front of the heater vents. It seemed like we simply could not get warm no matter what. We must have both fallen asleep because I woke up about an hour later and I was roasting hot. I turned the furnace back down and was happy that I no longer felt frozen. Next time I go hiking I will definitely bring along a rainproof jacket and waterproof pants no matter what the weather predictions are. I’ve never been so cold in my life.

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