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Have you ever lived with a roommate? I have lived with a couple of roommates over the years as a way to save money, and sometimes it works out well and sometimes it is horrible. I think without a doubt there are three things that roommates generally have problems with. First is paying the rent on time. If that isn’t a problem, the next most common roommate problem is messiness. And last but not least, the most common roommate problem is the thermostat problem. Undoubtedly, people want the thermostat set on different temperatures. This is especially true if one roommate is responsible for the entire utility bill. Of course, when you are not paying for the a/c, you tend to use it more. I think that is common; I mean, when I am on vacation, I run the a/c like crazy at the hotel. I do not conserve air conditioning to save on the utility bill. Also, it may not be a matter of economics, either. Sometimes, some people just like the air conditioning more than others do. I find this to be true with the heater. During the winter months, I have to be freezing in order to use the heater. I have forced air heating and cooling in my place, and I despise forced air heating. The heater dries out my sinuses and skin. My throat gets scratchy and raw. I just don’t like it at all, so if it is absolutely necessary that I use the heater, I keep the thermostat set low. All of the roommates I have ever lived with love using the heater. We live in the south; we do not need the heater that much!

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