Our indoor air is quite cool

Have some people lived with a single roommate? I have often lived with many roommates throughout most years as a great way to save up some money. Sometimes things seem to work out pretty well, and then there are times when things are absolutely horrible. I believe without a single doubt that there are things some roommates generally have problems width. The first is being able to pay the condo rent on time. If paying the condo rent doesn’t seem to be a serious problem, then roommates can be terribly messy. The most terrible roommate issue is with our temperature control. There are undoubtedly many different people that have odd settings for their temperature control. This is very true if a single roommate is totally responsible for the entirety of the utility bill. If you don’t pay for your A/C, most people will actually use it more frequently. I really believe this is commonality. Whenever I’m on getaway, I use the A/C device like nobody’s business. I never conserve energy or A/C, because I don’t pay the bills. It’s not really any economical matter. People prefer to have the A/C More colder than some others. I absolutely find this to be particularly true with the heat. Inside of our condo, there is a forced air system and an A/C system. I despise having to use the air heater, because the gas furnace makes my skin and sinuses feel terribly dry and itchy. My throat is also raw and very scratchy. Whenever possible, I try my best not to have to use the furnace much at all.

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