That was a total blast

The two of us honestly knew it would always be easier to have some roommates. The two of us have had a few opportunities where it’s worked out extremely well with roommates. Sometimes there are a couple of issues that can happen. It’s always going to be difficult to live with other people. Some roommates don’t pay their portion of the rent, and then there are also roommates who keep the apartment messy. The two of us undoubtedly had some trouble with a roommate last year, when the two of us could not agree on the thermostat settings for the heating as well as air conditioning equipment. The two of us consistently had arguments over the proper settings, because my roommate honestly believe that 75° was plenty cool enough before the summertime weather. The two of us didn’t see eye-to-eye on temperature control, as well as that was regularly a problem. Since I was fully paying the allowances for the electricity, I wanted to keep the thermostat set to any temperature I liked. During the summer, this meant being able to keep the air conditioner set at a low temperature. Eventually, my roommate and I had to part ways as well as move out of our apartment together. It was too difficult for the two of us to settle on an agreement over the settings for the thermostat. The two of us during that time, as well as we will need to vet our roommates even more next time. Living with other people takes a lot of toll on the mind as well as body.

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