I want more overtime

For the past two years, our elementary school has been undergoing some major construction.  They are telling us that it should soon be finished and everyone is very happy. Up until recently, if you asked about a construction completion date, they would simply tell you it would be soon.  Things have been in an uproar because classes are pushed together due to parts of the building always be closed. It’s hard to be patient when this is happening and it is difficult on the students.  We know that it will be amazing when the construction is finished. We will have top notch technology and they are instituting air conditioning into the system. I know the AC won’t be needed until summer rolls around, but those of us who work all summer and the students who are in the building, are going to love the new addition.  I can’t believe how much wiring they are installing. They tell me that they are connecting each classroom into the system. The building will be more efficient because the central control panels for the HVAC, lighting and sound systems will all be located in the maintenance room. Because of the automation of the systems, the cost of energy will go way down, which will be a savings to the taxpayers.  The maintenance crew will no longer need to go from building to building to shut down the lights and the HVAC system. They will now just adjust everything in the maintenance office. I know it will be a big cost, but it will be for the benefit of everyone in the school district.

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