A wireless system

I have been promising my family a long vacation this year.  Now that it is coming time for that vacation, I am having a few doubts about being away for so long.  I own my business and I am responsible for many employees. I just bought a new building in town, and moved my entire business over to this warehouse.  We are still getting settled, and I am concerned about the new heating, ventilation and air conditioning system that I had installed. I’m not sure how it is going to work and if it will continue to work properly.  I am really concerned with putting all of that responsibility for monitoring the HVAC system, into the hands of one of my employees. There is a lot of time that goes into making sure the systems are all shut and the HVAC is shut down over the weekend when no one is inside.  It can costs me a lot of money if the responsible person doesn’t shut the system when he or she is supposed. I called my HVAC contractor to ask if there was some kind of monitoring system I could buy that would help put my mind at ease. He laughed and told me I should have listened when he showed me the manual.  My HVAC system comes with a fully programmable automated system. I can not only set up the system to shut down at certain times, but I also have the ability to monitor the HVAC with a simple app on my cell phone or my laptop.

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