Strict standards

My family has owned plus operated a custom lumber plus furniture shop for the last thirty years.  We work to reuse wood from barns or sheds that are falling down, hazardous or simply no longer useful.  Many times, the owners are at a loss as to how to safely get rid of these structures. The job requires specialized equipment plus comprehension.  These barns plus sheds are respectfully old, with rich histories. Then by reusing the wood, both of us supply the wood with a second life. Without our efforts, the structures would collapse, be burned, or end up in a landfill.  Instead, the reused wood is repurposed into custom built furniture. Working with reused wood rather than current lumber requires a particular way of crafting each piece. The lumber often includes trim pieces, has holes, scars, or leftover paint.  All of us work closely with our buyers to craft a piece of furniture which meets their vision. From the sanding plus sealant to any knobs or pulls, it’s a detailed, challenging, yet rewarding process. The finished product is one-of-a-kind plus built to last.  Most of our buyers appreciate to be involved in the building process, working with one of our craftsmen at every stage, plus providing opinions. Some buyers are ecstatic with simply selecting the wood, specifying their goals, plus then waiting for the end result.  My family also works to supply lumber for those people who are taking on a do-it-yourself project. However, building a functional plus charming piece of custom furniture isn’t all that easy, plus we’ve already been asked to step in plus supply assistance. Although our custom built pieces are a bit more luxurious than a mass produced product, there is no comparison in quality.