I want the interior of my home to have wood

I got interested and starting building my woodworking skills at a very young age.  When I was eight years old, I would construct skateboard ramps by collecting materials and debris from around the neighborhood.  I took woodworking classes in high school, but the instruction was extremely basic and limited, so I mostly taught myself. In college, I originally majored in electrical engineering, but I hated it.  I switched into industrial design, which furthered my interest in woodworking. Combining the industrial design training with my woodworking skills, I started building custom wood furniture and cabinets.  I was hired by a local company, allowing me to create custom wood furniture and cabinets for clients on a much larger scale. After five years with this company, I was ready to try it on my own. A new business venture, however, meant new tools, equipment and renting a space.  This was a huge undertaking and expense, and rather frightening. I spent a great deal of time simply researching the different types and manufacturers of tools and machines. I needed a dust collector, post planer, double drum sander, dovetail table saw, edge sander and a variety of other pieces of equipment.  Developing the business was slow and my confidence often wavered. I was very fortunate to have my parents behind me, helping out and even loaning me money on occasion. With a lot of determination and perseverance, I’ve now turned my passion for woodworking into a full-time career. In the last year, I’ve needed to build a bigger workshop to keep up with demand.  The internet has proved to be a great tool of the trade. My website provides convenient access, and I ship finished custom pieces all over the country. Staying true to my design instincts, I continue to focus my custom cabinets and furniture on clean lines, quality and aesthetics.

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