We are snuggling on the sofa

Due to the traveling aspect of my job I have been spending quite a bit of time in different hotels around the country. It’s a shame, really – 9 out of 10 look exactly the same, both outside and in. I was in a single hotel that was a bit different from the usual style and design, but I know they need to get a more peculiar interior design to draw more guests. Hotel chains could learn a thing or two from overseas counterparts! You may have unusual colors, or a slightly unusual design in the carpet plus the curtains, but these domestic hotels still look alike. The draperies are all designed in the same way, and use the same old corded control for adjusting the blinds and curtains leading outside to the room’s patio. And.what about these lights being glued down, screwed down, or otherwise fastened to the Earth? Could someone really carry out the interior decorations of a room without being noticed? I guess they do it as an anti-theft tool, which is good – I would throw them out the window, hoping they will have a more tasteful replacement for my next visit. Most of the furniture is in need of new upholstery too – there are stains that don’t even seem possible, given their size, color or smell. The paint choice for walls are really put up the way they are to cover the holes that may have been put there from previous guests getting too rowdy and puncturing the wall in some fashion. Honestly, I would just love to walk into a single hotel where there is original interior design! Custom furniture by itself would dramatically increase the appear and character of the hotel. It doesn’t even have to be overpriced furniture! Please, just something different! I hate hotels that look like an office building with beds.

custom built furniture