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The weather in my local area is very extreme.  We endure long and brutally cold winters, with temperatures down to twenty below zero and feet of snow.  During the summer, the temperature frequently climbs into the nineties, and the humidity is overwhelming.  I am most often forced to keep the windows closed, with either the air conditioner or furnace running. I worry about the lack of ventilation and the impact on indoor air quality.  The same stale air is contained in the house, endlessly circulated and breathed by my family. The integrity of air quality directly affects health, productivity, sleep patterns, and comfort.  When I asked a local HVAC contractor for recommendations, he urged me to invest in a whole-home air purifier. The air purifier was not overly expensive, operates silently, and works in-line with my heating and cooling system to ensure healthier breathing air.  It effectively traps up to 95% of pathogens as small as .30 micron, which is too small for the human eye to even see. The air purifier uses an electrical charge to kill a wide range of contaminants. As air passes through the purifying system, up to eight times per hour, it filters out dander, smoke, pollen, dust, bacteria and a long list of pollutants, which are then trapped in the air filter.  I’ve noticed a significant improvement in the smell, feel and cleanliness of my home. I no longer need to dust or vacuum as often. The air purifier gives me confidence in the air quality of my home and protects my family from a wide range of health threats.

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