A newer heater

Growing up I got to hear all about the swamp property. My parents bought a little house in the literal swamp and were convinced that someday it would be worth a lot. They put a ton of money into at first, then life got in the way. They ended up just owning a property that fell to pieces. Now that my folks are gone, I inherited that horrible place. The land is too wet and mushy to use for anything else. The house is in shambles and even the inside of it is toast. The walls had been wet for too long and are falling down. The piping with the plumbing is totally rusted. The HVAC unit did not fair so well either. The heating and cooling unit was a central one. That meant there was ductwork stretched in the walls and ceiling. The ductwork had been hit with moisture and water for around 30 years. The HVAC ducts are completely rusted and damaged. The actual HVAC system has swamp plants growing out of it. It is really dirty and I bet there is mold inside of it. If I wanted to fix up the home and sell it, it would be a huge expense. I would have to hire a building, plumber and HVAC technician. Nothing was left untouched. Just HVAC alone would kill me. I would need the air ducts removed, the current HVAC taken out and all new HVAC installation. I bet that would be an expensive bill. But, I would have to get the walls fixed first.

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