This is a lot of hard work

I am so far out of my element. I recently moved into my first home. I have never lived by myself or owned anything before. I am trying to pay rent, make my own meals and keep a house together. I seem to be messing everything up. I have been late on my rent three months in a row. I have had more inedible meals than good ones. My home is not doing so hot either. I have sticks and leaves all over my yard. I have tons of light bulbs out. Also, my HVAC system is punishing me. I need to handle the heating and cooling system first. All the other stuff can wait, climate control cannot. I don’t know what to do about my HVAC system though. Basically my HVAC will turn on and then turn off without being told an hour later. Or, the HVAC unit won’t even turn on to begin with. How horrible is that? I am not being all that demanding either. I have a reasonable temperature set on the thermostat. I expect a little heating and AC, not a ton. I think there is something wrong inside of the HVAC unit. I don’t want to call a HVAC professional in case it is something small. That would be an expensive and embarrassing mistake. I really need to research HVAC troubleshooting and see what is going hinky. I bet there is a dirty or dried out part inside. I bet it is like a 5 dollar fix that I just don’t know about. I miss living with my dad.

HVAC unit