Scheduling a repair

I must say, the best gift I have ever been given was our up-to-date Heating & A/C system! I got it when my wife surprised me, when I was out of town for a work trip. I had mentioned to her a few times how I really would’ve loved to have radiant heating installed in the house, but she would say that it was beyond our budget. I would try to say that the energy savings would offset the investment, but she would shut me down without fail. You could say she handles the finances better than I do, most days. So she had the local Heating & A/C company install radiant heated flooring in the condo when I was away! When I came back and found that both of us had a brand new heat element, I was overjoyed and gave her a big kiss! She even had a smart control component installed, which contributed to how perfectly comfortable the condo felt to us! It was cool receiving notifications and energy saving tips. I would get notifications every single time there was a repair needed! There have been times in the past when I would forget to call and schedule a service repair, so this was incredibly convenient. Both of us have saved an overwhelming amount of cash on our utility bills too! I have been thanking the wife ceaselessly for her act of kindness, as I consistently get her nice things and flowers. She said just the other day that she should have got the up-to-date Heating & A/C system a long time ago!

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