That air conditioner is gone

Sometimes a new business opens up and really takes guerilla marketing too far. They roll into town, open their doors, and decide that everyone within a 100 mile radius needs to know about their new business. I understand that they’re looking to drum up customers, but when you plaster every billboard, every tv commercial, ever radio station ad, ever local website, and every bus stop bench with your business information… it starts to just become part of the background, frankly. I don’t think you’re necessarily reaching your intended audience when your advertisement becomes as common as blades of grass on the ground. That’s how I was feeling about this local HVAC repair shop that opened down the street a few months ago, anyways. From 3 months before the new heating and cooling shop opened, their ads were appearing everywhere. There were flyers passed out in the neighborhoods advertising their grand opening prices on air duct scrubbings, posters in the grocery store claiming they would do free AC inspections, and bus station ads claiming they were the most experienced HVAC techs in the county! All this really did, however, was to make my eyes immune to their logo and color scheme – I got so used to reading about their excellent ventilation specials that I stopped noticing them a long time ago. Well, I HAD stopped noticing all the HVAC advertisements, that is, until they installed a massive hanging sign right on the side of my building. Now I can’t get any fresh air from out my window because this HVAC dealership is blocking it with their newest billboard.

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