I wanted something a little cleaner

HVAC equipment is not only excellent for heating and cooling your home, but your system can also clean your air.  Studies show that a new device called a smart controller for your home heating and cooling system can actually clean your system while in use.  The smart controller uses air pollution sensors in this study. The sensors determine just how efficient heating and cooling equipment found in the home is at cleaning the air quality while still saving energy.  A study about heating and cooling that we can all get behind, I’m sure. Currently, home thermostats control the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems based on temperature.  However, engineers are studying the effects of controlling HVAC systems based on a home’s indoor air quality.  The engineers have realized that programming your furnace and air conditioner differently can use less energy. They have found in their studies that if the HVAC is turned off and on based on the indoor air quality and the temperature, less energy is wasted.  Their study shows that when a home heating and cooling unit turns on and off based solely on temperature, the air quality is found to be dirtier.  Leaving the heating and cooling system on all the time results in the cleanest air, but at the expense of using the most energy.  The sensors show that an HVAC that turns off and on based on both air quality and temperature results in a cleaner air quality, with less energy cost.Temperature and air quality cleaned the air but used much less energy.  A win-win for us all.

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