Getting notifications

I must say, the best present anyone’s ever passed my way was our current Heating and Air Conditioning system! My lovely wife surprised me when I was out of town for a company trip. I’d mentioned to her how I wanted radiant floors installed in the house, but she would usually just say that we didn’t have the cash for it. I’d always say that the energy savings would eventually cover the costs we would have to make, but she would still just shut me down! I guess you could say she wears the pants when it comes to finances. Imagine my surprise then, when she had the local Heating and Air Conditioning company install radiant flooring in the house when I was away! When I came back and learned that we had radiant flooring installed, I was so thrilled! She even had a smart temperature control installed! I was so gleeful because it was so comfortable in the house, and I could adjust the temperature control from the convenience of our phones! It was cool, receiving notifications and energy saving tips. I would get notifications when needed to have repairs done, too! There have been times in the past when I may have forgot to call for Heating and Air Conditioning repairs, so this was incredibly convenient! Ever since we have had this current heating plan in our house, we also have saved an overwhelming amount of money on our electric bills! I guess my wife came around to the flooring too, as she said just the other day that she should have agreed to the radiant flooring plan ages ago!

temperature control unit