A heater problem

We rely on our air conditioning system to keep us cool and comfortable.  However, to keep that A/C working for us and sending out that cool, conditioned air, we must keep it clean.  Our A/C systems require regular maintenance. Just like any home appliance, or even your automobile, normal wear and tear from use can occur.  Systems break down without regular maintenance, and that certainly includes HVAC systems. Regular HVAC preventive maintenance is needed to keep your A/C running at it’s best and will continue to keep it operating efficiently.   Regular replacement of the air filter is needed for best HVAC prevention, as well as semi-yearly HVAC tune-ups. During the HVAC tune-up, the heating and cooling technician will check the system for any part that needs to be replaced or repaired, keeping the unit working at it’s best.  That is why we highly encourage the HVAC service agreements, especially with new heating and cooling systems.  With a new HVAC system, we know exactly what that heating and cooling system needs and does not need.  Our heating and cooling technicians stop by on scheduled appointments to service the HVAC system.  Some units can last 15 or 20 years, especially if they had received quality care and professional HVAC maintenance.  Preventive HVAC maintenance can also save you money and headaches from unexpected breakdowns in the long run. So whether you have an HVAC service agreement, or you call your local A/C company for HVAC tune-ups… just call.  Because if you don’t call, my HVAC repair truck will be in your driveway anyway, and it will cost you more.

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