The system went down quick

I can hear the death knell.  The grim reaper is on the way.  It’s inevitable because no one here gets out alive.  This time, death has come for my HVAC unit. I mean, it’s probably a bit overdue if the truth be told.  I’ve had the same HVAC unit for the last 17 years. Plus, my excellent HVAC guy warned me this day was coming several years ago.  I’m certainly thankful he did, because I was able to start saving for a replacement. Well, the time is nigh. The HVAC is now running nearly constantly.  It just can’t keep up with the height of summer. I know this for sure because the utility bill is off the charts. I think the power bill is more than double what it was just 3 years ago.  The other day, as I was mowing the grass, I kept seeing something out of the corner of my eye. I kept trying to catch the thing that was moving, but I couldn’t see it. Then, I sure did see what was moving and it was the HVAC compressor unit.  The thing was not only shaking but, it was actually sort of jumping a bit as well. This cannot be a good sign. I think the final straw may have come today. The A/C kicked on and tripped the breaker at the fuse box. It wasn’t just a simple trip either.  There was plenty of arcing because I could smell the ozone when I went to reset the breaker. So, I made the call this afternoon. I phoned the HVAC company and had them place the order for the new HVAC unit I had picked out. It will be installed within the next 3 weeks.  I sure hope my old HVAC unit can hold out that long.

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