This cabin is fine

I bought a home in the mid atlantic region about 10 years ago.  The area of the country is all about the complete four seasons. Even though the recent trend of very mild winters has skewed things a bit.  I specifically bought a home and settled in this area. When I was a kid, I was raised way down South. But, we came up here 3 or 4 times a year to experience the unique seasons.  I guess I had my sights set on owning a home here since I can remember. The home I purchased has a great big oil furnace in the basement. I guess they built them big back in the day.  This furnace is an absolute tank. It has run for the last 50 years which is hard to believe. Now, I am having to replace it. The old furnace just couldn’t keep going. I was certainly not going to replace it with another furnace.  But, I have been secretly waiting for it to die so I could finally have some legit HVAC. I have two window A/C units which help in the summer. Alas, the window units just don’t get in done. The house isn’t all that big and is contained to one story.  I’ve converted the entire floor to an open floor plan. Fortunately, this plan will only maximize the new HVAC system I have chosen. The HVAC crew is coming next week to install a ductless mini split heating and cooling system. This thing is awesome. There is an indoor blower component which gets installed high up on an exterior wall.  This is then connected to a condenser unit through a hole in the wall. The condenser then fits neatly under the eaves of my home. I hate to see the old tank get junked but, I’m sure ready to experience the mini split system.

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