The heater is amazing

I still often wonder what I was thinking.  My career took me to many places all over the country and parts of the world.  But each time I lived in an area with a severe winter, I really suffered through it.  I was born in the South so, perhaps I just have some real thin blood. It was all I could do to just shiver with the HVAC cranked.  Temperatures below freezing are simply unacceptable to my way of thinking. And, then you add in the snow and the ice to top it all off.  I stayed to do the right thing by my job. So, of course, I got downsized. At least I’m done with serious winter. That won’t happen again.  I’m quite thankful to have had access to serious HVAC heating while I was there. However, I am quite thankful to be reunited with the versatile heat pump.  Hello heat pump, my old friend. The winters I face now are much more my speed. The heat pump does a more than adequate job keeping me warm through our mild winters now that I am back in the South.  It’s nice to own a machine which keeps me cool all summer and does so really efficiently. Then, when the temperatures dip, all I have to do is switch the thermostat to “HEAT.” My awesome heat pump simply reverses refrigerant flow to grab heat energy from the outside air.  It can accomplish this feat all the way down to 45 degrees. On the rare occasion when it gets colder than that, there is an electric panel which helps supplement the heat. Farewell to all the furnaces in the world. And thank you for dragging me through those winters.

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