The automatic system change

Keep the light going right?  Don’t take your partner for granted.  Be certain you are making an effort to maintain the magic.  Disconnect from screens and work to be present for the love in your life.  While these may seem like stupid, corny platitudes, they are actually fairly meaningful elements in a good relationship.  However, actively executing these behaviors is another thing entirely. I’ve been with the love of my life for sixteen years now.  There is such a deep connection between us it can be easy to not be proactive in appreciating our relationship. I like to turn off the HVAC to open the windows and listen to the night sounds during a snuggle session.  Both of us attempt to be certain we have some sort of time off together each week. That might mean going to the beach or just grilling out together and watching the stars. Lately, we have been firing up the candles. My wife loves some candlelight and I adore looking at her in that soft glow.  So, at least a few times per week, the candles have lit up our house like a church on Christmas eve. It’s actually rather amazing to listen to music and sip some wine with all those candles. However, I changed the air filter today. I could not believe what I held in my hands. I had never seen any HVAC air filter look like that.  The entire surface was covered with a sooty, waxy funk. I thought at first there had been a grease fire I hadn’t known about. Not so much because it was all the candles!