How great was that

I have been researching vacation destinations. I used to only go to tropical locations. I wanted sand, water and hot sun the whole trip. I wanted to get a tan and just lay out by a whale. Boozing by a pool would be alright as well. Now that I live in a warmer climate and get this most of the year, I go to colder climates. I now look for traditionally cooler areas. I look for culture, places to hike and things that are neat to see. It is a weird change up for packing and preparing for the trip though. I used to pack sunscreen, bikinis and check with the hotel about air conditioning. I usually got burned in my tropical trips. So I always had to ensure that the hotel cooling equipment was good enough. I could not afford an unexpected AC repair in my room. I also needed the cooling power to cool down the whole space. Now that I don’t get burned and I am in a colder area, heating is a bigger deal. I pack thick, thermal gear. I also look up the heating equipment in hotels. I found that radiators really work well in terms of heating. The issue is that most hotels with radiators don’t allow your thermostat control. The radiator is run on one thermostat for the whole building. So the room is usually way too hot and the windows are locked up tight. Because of this, I tend to look for places with forced air heating or portable heaters. I like being able to turn them on and off.

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