I loved that!

Whoever did the insulation in our apartment did a actually bad task… What I suppose happened is that the dealers ran out of materials. I suppose they chop the pieces of insulation about 1 foot too short and then just stuck random bits of insulation underneath. Then our baseboards were added and I never knew the difference. In the Winter, I can tell they dealers did a bad task. Go anywhere near our baseboards and you can believe the cold air pouring in; My floors believe icy cold to the touch. I have to wear socks and slippers in the apartment with the heating method cranked, and even with this, the apartment is way too cold. My heating bills are sky high, but that is sort of our fault. I believe what I need to do to make our gas heating method more efficient. I need to take off our baseboards completely. I then need to get current insulation, chop it respectfully and wedge in in the walls. Then the baseboards go back on and the beach apartment is air tight! However, the baseboard removal will be difficult, however also, that is not the only area. Around our light switch covers and windows leak air too. If I did add insulation to the wall, I would need to do all over the site. This would make the beach apartment perfect for our little gas oil furnace. I am just not willing to put in that kind of work. The heating method works okay for now, then no need to spend hours cutting our beach apartment apart just to be a little warmer.

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