The zones in here are awesome

My son Tyler has asthma and it is a pain in the butt. I have to make sure my son always has his inhaler on him, especially when he is at a sporting event. I also need to make sure the dust levels in my home are at a minimum. When Tyler is gone on a hockey tournament or at a friend’s house, I clean the whole home. I get the rugs vacuumed, linens washed and I make sure the HVAC is all good. The HVAC unit has an air conditioning filter made to catch dust from getting in it. The air filter is a line of defense for the HVAC and also makes sure the air quality is a little cleaner. When my son is gone, I get all new air filters and completely clean the HVAC. In the cleaning process, airborne dust flies around. My son would have an asthma attack if he was there. So I get it taken care of when he is gone. I even clean out the products linked to the HVAC that are made for air quality. I bought an air purification system that is made to clean out the indoor air conditions. The air purifier targets smells, dust and debris in the air quality. It cleans and purifies it for all the occupants. Even an air cleaner gets dirty though. So another task I have when Tyler is out is making sure the air purifier is in tip top shape. Once the house and HVAC are clean, I know everything is all good. If I slack on my cleaning duties Tyler is the one who suffers.

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